Mining and aggregate processing


Quarry and aggregate processing status

Quarrying is the exploitation of  valuable natural mineral resources by human or mechanical means through reasonable mining. All the mining process can not avoid the processing of stone. With the development of mining technology from the primitive rough mode to the modern fine mode, the effective mining and fine crushing will be achieved gradually.So how to effectively process all kinds of mining, quickly improve the value of mining , mining crushing production line to choose a reasonable allocation is the top priority.

Analyze the factors that may affect the process performance:

Liugong-Metso crushing and screening solutions highly precisely analyze mining changes,  potential waste materials,  final product characteristics and other factors that may affect process performance and customer profitability.

Liugong-Metso's solution:

To ensure optimum process efficiency, Liugong-Metso provides your project with a total cost study service that takes into account investment costs, operating costs, operating conditions, maintenance, inventory and stockpiling methods. Based on your operational concerns and taking advantage of Liugong-Metso's engineering expertise, build a dedicated production system to achieve the desired end product and optimal profitability.

For the processing of mining and aggregate,  Liugong-Metso has 3 sets of equipment: One is crawler Jaw Crusher , the other two are crawler Cone Crusher and crawler screening plant . The Jaw crusher is used for initial fracture of stone, Cone crusher is used for secondary crushing, and then the screen station uses the vibrating screen for screening.

Crawler Jaw Crusher Plant Models : LT106 ,  LM J106

Crawler Cone Crusher Plant Models :LT200H,  LT200HPS,  LT300HP

Crawler Screening Plant Models:ST2.8,  ST4.8,  LM S48

 The 3D diagram of  Crawler Jaw Crusher Plant, Cone Crusher and Screening plant

 The condition diagram of Crawler Jaw Crusher , Cone crusher and Screening plant

The advantage of Liugong-Metso's Crawler Jaw crusher Plant

•  High fuel efficiency

•  High crushing efficiency

• Compact structure, transportation and transfer is very convenient

•  High product yield

• Safe and easy to operate and maintain

The feature of Liugong-Metso's Crawler Cone Crusher plant

• High fuel efficiency, large crushing capacity

•  Higher running time 

•  High mobility

•  High efficiency, low energy consumption

•  Safe and easy to operate and maintain

The feature of Liugong-Metso's Crawler Screening plant

• Fully hydraulic control conveyor belt and vibrating screen

• Vibrating screen can be replaced, simple operation

• Easy to transport

• Easy maintenance, safe and reliable maintenance platform

• Optional spraying device and dust cover can greatly reduce dust

Whether it is a comprehensive new project, or renovation, upgrade or transformation, liugong-metso comprehensive solutions team and professional engineers have many years of experience, and with the support of a dedicated customer service team, to meet all your needs anytime, anywhere.